Garland has been manufacturing quality commercial cooking equipment for over 140 years.  Preferred by leading Chefs in Australian and around the world, Garland's range of commercial cooking equipment offers unsurpassed performance, lasting durability and premium quality components.

The unique Garland Starfire Pro® Burner is only one component that sets Garland apart from the competition.  The patented Starfire Burner out performs higher rated ring burners in precision, productivity  and energy efficiency.  Its innovative design produces the most effective heat impingement pattern in the industry.  This means less energy is used to transfer more heat.

The Garland Range includes:

          - Heavy Duty Restaurant Series - Perfect for all purpose cooking

          - Extra Heavy Duty Master Series - The only choice for a demanding kitchen

          -Heavy Duty Electric Series - For where gas is not available

Oven Ranges

Fryers / Salamanders and Target Tops

Cooktops / Griddles and Char Broilers

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