Since the beginning, the company has focused on the conception, design, construction and development of vacuum, modified atmosphere and protective packaging machines.
The first packaging machine designed and created by Orved, called the ORVED VM/13, made history in the external air suction vacuum packaging sector.
This machine implemented a redesigned vacuum creation system that, compared with the classic and well-known chamber system, offers several advantages including reduced cost, smaller size, extreme versatility and greater speed. This model was followed by many other types of vacuum machines, which included both those with external suction systems and the traditional chamber system.

ORVED has always offered products characterized by the highest level of quality and extremely advanced and innovative technological solutions. ORVED machines are renowned for their reliability and strength; they have become recognized and established after the company’s 25 years of experience in the market worldwide.

We also carry an arrangement of bags to suit each machine, in various sizes.

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