Since we invented the Combi-Steamer 35 years ago, we have been driven by the ambition to provide all the chefs in the world with the best tools for hot food preparation.

In pursuing this aim, we have concentrated on developing solutions that combine efficiency and simplicity, support and variety and guarantee constant top quality.

We spend every day working on the important details associated with cooking and simply preparing excellent food quality in the most efficient way. This is why we are the technology and market leader.

We always supply the right unit for your particular needs. the unique Rational technology will pay for itself in any operation producing 30 or more meals per day. You have the choice between Self Cooking Centre® White Efficiency® and Combi Master® Plus. The units are available as either electric or gas models with six different capacities. There are also a whole range of special versions available.


We also supply the full range of Rational Cleaning Chemicals and Stands to suit your ovens.

Contact us for an up to date quote to suit your needs.