The best performing ideas in the Turbofan range have been redesigned, redeveloped and reborn as a durable new series of convection ovens designed for ease of use, increased application and future-proof durability. A meticulous study of the continued expansion of the bake-fresh daily and convenience product markets has been a big part of the design and production process for the new range.


That's why the new series now offers and expanded platform of products, with a wider range of oven footprints, repositioned control panels, side hinged and drop down doors and increased tray loading capacity to suit virtually any application.



E22M3                                       $1500.00 inc GST

3 Rack Capacity

Manual Control

W610mm x D608mm x H552mm

10 Amp


E31D4                                       $2,550.00 inc GST


4 Rack Capacity

Digital Control

W810mm x D616mm x H625mm

15 Amp



E33D5                                      $3,750.00 inc GST

5 Rack Capacity

Digital Control


W610mm x D680mm x H730mm

25 Amp   ( No Cordset Supplied)

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